Thursday, June 30, 2011

Toy Troubles

After buying three GI Joe figures and a vehicle Monday, I've had trouble getting excited about action figures. I've leaned more toward traditional comics, role-playing games, and movies the last few days. It seems that my bedroom is packed with little men, some displayed, many not. I feel like the hobby isn't really a hobby, as it requires little (if any) work or invested time. However......I'm sure seeing a new wave of figures at Target will reinvigorate the excitement. Even so, I feel pangs (or is it twangs?-not sure) of regret while gazing upon Rip Attack Tiger Snake w/Street-Viper, Rise of Cobra Arctic Snake Eyes, Rise of Cobra Cobra Commander(Yes, I wrote Cobra Cobra), and GI Joe 25th Anniversary Viper.

GURPS Character of the Day #2

Groar the Barbarian-221 pts

ST-14[+40] HP-14
DX-12[+40] WILL-10[+5]
IQ-9[-20] PER-10[+5]
HT-14[+40] FP-14
Basic Lift 39 Damage: thr 1d/sw 2d
Basic Speed 6 Basic Move 6
Dodge 9 DR 0


Advantages and Perks
Daredevil[15], Enhanced Parry(Greatsword)[5], Extra Attack 1 [25], Fearlesness 5 [10], Hard To Kill 6 [12], Hard To Subdue 3 [6], Indomitable[15] 

Disadvantages and Quirks
Berserk(Battle Rage)[15], Bully[10], Hidebound[5], 

Brawling 16 [12], Forced Entry 15 [8], Immovable Stance 15 [16], Melee Weapon 16 (Greatsword) [16]

Knee Strike 17 [1]

Studded Leather Skirt-legs, groin-DR 3(2 against crushing attacks)-60cc
Sandals-feet-DR 0(DR 1 to underside of foot)-25cc
Greatsword-sw +3 cut/thr +2 cr-Reach 1,2-Parry +0-800cc

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

GURPS Character of the Day

Canin the Protector-212 pts

ST-12[+20] HP-12
DX-13[+60] WILL-13[+10]
IQ-11[+20] PER-12[+5]
HT-12[+20] FP-12
Basic Lift 28 Damage: thr 1d-1/sw 1d+2
Basic Speed 6.5 Basic Move 7.5
Dodge 9 DR 0

Common (Native)

Advantages and Perks
Acute Vision(5)[10], Ambidexterity [5], Combat Reflexes [15],
Common Sense [10], Danger Sense [15]

Disadvantages and Quirks
Debt(500 cc)Hostash the Slave Trader[-50]

Armoury-Body Armor-15-[16]
Flying Leap-12-[8]
Two-Handed Axe/Mace-15-[8]
Power Blow-15-[12]

Equipment( This character has been through a few adventures, so this is not starting gear)
Rustia the Longsword-sw+2 cut/thr+3 pi-reach 1-parry +1
Light Club-sw +1 cr/ thr+1 cr-reach 1- parry+0
Pistol Crossbow-thr+2 imp-acc. +4-Range 180 yds.-RoF 1-Shots 1(4)- ST 7
Heavy Cloak, Leather Pants, Shoes, Steel Chainmail Suit
Iron Pauldron, Steel Gauntlets, Cloth shirt

Friday, June 17, 2011

GI Joe Wave Five Reviews pt. 2

GeneralsJoes has finished GI Joe POC Wave Five reviews.  Cobra Trooper, Jungle BAT, and Steel Brigade Trooper-as I said before, don't waste time here, check out the master reviewer(and the toys)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

GI Joe Wave Five Reviews

GeneralsJoes has reviews of Pursuit of Cobra Wave Five Cobra Commander, General Hawk, and Blowtorch up-Justin's reviews are always great, so go read em'-don't waste time on my dinky blog!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

GI Joe Skystriker is taking off in 5...4...3...2...

The new GI Joe Skystriker is available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth for the modest price of 37.99.  Definitely one to think about. The plane itself looks great, and the pilot, Slipstream, also looks amazing. The best part-the Skystriker is pictured on a USS Flagg! Please, Hasbro, make a new Flagg? Please?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Free RPG Day!

Free RPG Day is Saturday, June 18th. Never done it before, so....hopefully I'll be able to participate (see:take advantage)

GURPS Anticipation

For those in the blogosphere that are GURPS players, Christian over at destination unknown is planning on entering lots of GURPS material into his blog starting "today or tomorrow" Should be a good source. Check it out!

DCUC Wave 19 is A-Comin!

MTV Geek has pictures of DC Universe Classics Wave 19 on their site. This wave seems to focus on classic JSA, which is cool.

Must Haves
Sandman-love the colors, the suit-but especially the Gas Gun!
Magog- Wonderful sculpt, and the staff looks great.

Must Avoids
Stargirl-Mattel, females can have hip articulation. Articulation is our friend!

I love Hawkman's wings, but hate the mask. Wave Six Hawkman is nowhere to be found locally. Should I take advantage of this figure, or....Grrrrrr! Internal conflict!