Saturday, March 3, 2012

Poll Response 11

So, our games are equally spread throughout time, from 1974 to 2012. Interesting. Anyone have any ponderings on this subject?


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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Rian Alasuum
Admittance: I have never played a table-top RPG. I'm new to the hobby, having GM'd on and off in 2006-2007, and really starting to play  in early 2011. But I've never had a playing role-until now. One of my players has created an entire homebrew system and campaign setting, and we played a solo game this week. The system is very simple, focusing on four main attributes (Strength, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Agility) and very, very heavy on roleplaying use. Many skill checks are just "rolled" through. The world is one of tense survival, where everyone boasts some sort of elemental affinity. Because of this, even Jimmy the blacksmith's apprentice can whip a fireball at your head. However, as a direct result of this widespread power, magic is rare. My character was named Rian Alasuum, an elven fire-wielding rogue. I also know a little magic. For some reason, I had a lot of fun.  And, it gave me insight into the"player's mind". So GMs, try playing a game or two. It's fun, and beneficial to your GM'ing career.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Learning From Skyrim

-Placing questgivers in population locales, and leaving it up to the players to discover quests.

-Dragons are special.

-Monsters are scary. They are intimidating.

-Everything should be detailed. The villager's home should contain foodstuffs. The mage's castle should hold spellbooks.

-The world should be immersive. It should feel real.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

We Have Explored the Tomb, Dueled the Sith, Stopped the Thieves, and Ate with the Djinni

This is what happens when you run four campaigns. I'll describe the Star Wars game today, and the others later.

Star Wars (Old Republic Era)

Players-Kodo Anarath (Young Jedi-in-Training)
Kaheed Mitrus-Cyborg Bounty Hunter

Dath Malgus
Kodo had received a message from higher-ups in the Republic army, instructing him to head to the underground starport on Imperial-dictated Orion IV. Here he met a greedy bounty hunter, Kaheed Mitrus, his assigned partner. They were to head to Orion I, where Kodo's master's killer, Darth Malgus, had been seen. They flew to Orion I, and once reaching orbit, were stopped by Imperial forces. The Republic had provided new identities, and dressing like good little Imperials, they welcomed the guards onto their ship. Then Kaheed fired his blaster arm into one, and Kodo used the Force to lock one in the closet. Unfortunately, their identities were revealed, which ensued a hectic space battle. This was a great opportunity to try out West End Games' starship battle mechanics, which proved perfectly fun and exceptionally chaotic. After a lot of blaster fire, the Imperial ship was destroyed, and the characters plummeted toward Caventor City on the surface. Luckily, they landed nearby and simply walked to the city, stashing the unconscious Imperial in an alleyway. They were told Malgus was approaching the Cloud Cover nightclub. After a bit of bribery, they made their way inside, blending with the crowd, until Malgus and his apprentice entered. Malgus commanded Kodo to make himself known, yet Kodo hid. So Malgus took a hostage and threatened the Jedi. Kodo appeared, backed by Kaheed, and Malgus killed the hostage anyway. Then Malgus began toying with the two, throwing them around the club and occasionally dodging their poorly made attacks. His apprentice then engaged in fierce lightsaber combat with Kodo. This was an opening for Kaheed. The bounty hunter fired his blaster rifle at Malgus, who retaliated by throwing Kaheed to the ground. Kaheed, a master sniper, then lodged a blaster bolt in the Sith's stomach. Kodo pushed away the apprentice and went to finish him. Yet then the apprentice used Force Lightning, and with Kodo's last embers of consicousness, he saw the two Sith escape.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

It Has Been Done

The Great Blog Hunt is over. All of you write extremely well, and I enjoyed every post. To celebrate, today will be a gaming day. But what to play...