Friday, January 13, 2012

4 Campaigns and Lovin' It

Firstly, this marks a exact two-week blog hiatus. Secondly, my three-person gaming group is playing four campaigns at once. Not only are we continuing our Pathfinder campaign, but we are playing West End Games Star Wars, Resolute Adventurer Genius, and West End DC Universe Role-Playing-Game. Tonight was character creation night.

Resolute, Adventurer, Genius- RAG is a relatively rules-light system that is set in the glorious world that is early 1900s pulp. The created characters are Billy Steel, a naive American cat burglar, and Marc Jones, a materialistic smuggler.

Star Wars Roleplaying Game- I Gm'd SWRPG a few years ago, and the campaign ended after a few sessions. No one was properly gripped or entertained. So we threw out the  Imperial-Rebel war setting, and replaced it with the Jedi-Sith epics of the Old Republic. The first character is Kodo Anarath, a young Jedi obsessed with hunting down his master's killer, Darth Malgus. The second is Kaheed Mitrus, a Yaka bounty hunter only satisfied when a full credstick is in his pocket.

DC Universe Roleplaying Game-I found this game for two dollars at the local library. What I love about the system is the high-quality character creation, which allows for very cool power customization and equipment generation.The first character is Pulse, an energy-wielding former Marine. The second character is being planned now.


  1. 4 successful ongoing camaigns? Sweet!

    I haven't seen RAG before, but it sounds interesting.

    As for Star Wars, I agree you've got to be enthused as a Ref' and all the players have to be into it, SW can never work if people aren't excited to be involved, really feeling the adventure.

    As for DC, it looks like you're playing 3rd Edition by the image up there, which wasn't my favourite, but for two bucks... You can't complain.

  2. Lots of fun. I would definitely recommend RAG for a change of pace. However, I also would suggest throwing in a few house rules, as "rules-light" can only go so far.