Sunday, October 9, 2011

The First Two Heroes

So since I've got players for the new campaign, I thought, in the style of Rather Gamey, I'd profile them. Since I never asked them if I could use their names, I will utilize substitutes.

Kornak- Ever had that player with no judgement? He'll fight a dragon at first-level, armed with a walking-stick. He'll stand up to gangs of thieves that could kill him faster than he could draw his sword. He insults royalty-in the throne room. Yet, somehow, he survives. And man, is he entertainment.

Jeremiah-The cold, calculating gamer. Ready to fight, but by "ready" he means he has five back-up plans and seventeen daggers hidden on his person. A fan of stealth, and an even bigger fan of giving his characters afros.


  1. Rather Gamey has a style??? :)

    Very cool profiles. Looks like some fun players.

    - Ark

  2. It's got quite the entertaining style!

    Thanks, they are um, "fun" players. We could put it that way.

  3. Hi,

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