Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Pathfinder Legends

Players: Kornak, 1st-level Half-Orc Barbarian

Today was a solo session, playing with only Kornak and myself. He discovered the merchant's village of Canam, in the kingdom of Hinden. Kornak casually visited the smith, and was scorned and insulted by the dwarven owner. (Those dam racist dwarves. Get it? Dam. Because they build structures and...nevermind.) He quickly left and headed to the local stables, made small talk with the owner, gawked at the prices, and subsequently left. Outside, in the village square, the commoners fled, screaming. Striding into the villlage were Darkened knights and a mage (the Darkened will be in my bestiary). The whispered. "This is ours."Their smoky skin and intimidating blades struck fear into Kornak's heart. He ran to the nearest building and warned the occupants. One ran away, yelling "I'll get Tark and Eil!" Kornak marched outside, ready to face the darkness. He raised his greataxe, flying into a rage, and charging the Darkknights. A split second later, a leather-clad, bearded ranger drew a hunting axe and ran into the fray. Tark. A robed man, tall and thin, grasped a staff in his bony fingers and stood back. Eil. Kornak proceeded to swing his axe with fury, driving the Darkened back. Tark found chinks in the armor of the monsters, and drove his blade into his enemies' weak points. Yet the warriors fought back, and the Darkened mage held his own. His hands sparked. He raised them toward Kornak, chanting. A wave of fire erupted from the spellcaster, enveloping Kornak.  Kornak roared in anger and bashed away at the mage. Eil pointed toward the half-orc, muttering. . A powerful wind flew from his hand, stifling the flames and blowing back a Darkknight. The heroes fought on, and soon the evil was vanquished. Not knowing what else to do, Eil and Tark guarded opposite sides of the village. Kornak, looking for profit, sold the armor to the local tavern as a decoration. He buried the Darkened's blades, and took the mage's gauntlets for himself. Kornak headed to the local inn, and spent the night in a small room. That is, until about 6:15 in the morning, when the sounds of battle drove their way into Kornak's head. He bolted outside to find another party of Darkened. Eil and Tark were already immersed in battle, assisted by a few villagers armed with rocks. Kornak growled, and unleashed his fury. The Darkened were dead within a minute. The three warriors had a short conversation. Tark, Eil, and Kornak were to keep watch over Canam. But knowing Kornak, he'll probably forget.

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