Wednesday, November 23, 2011

An Attempt At Romance

I was asked to write a romantic story. The only condition was that one character was to be named" Lovely." This isn't my area of expertise, but here goes.

Lovely stepped into the moonlight. It illuminated her face, and she gazed around in anticipation. Her journey through the forest to meet her beloved had ended here. Gary appeared, smiling.


"Oh, Gary!"

Thay embraced. Lovely met his sparkling blue eyes, and her face creased with worry.

"But my father!"

Gary frowned.

"Do not worry, beloved."

Then Lovely's father appeared, accompanied by armed guards.

"Father, no!"

Gary stepped forward, then quickly fell back, as the father had ordered his guards to attack. Gary took fifteen crossbow bolts, and promptly collapsed. Then the father took Lovely and hid her away for eternity.

The End


  1. Wow!! I am totally your newest follower. I am a sucker for classic romantic literature. And you have definately mastered the genre! Just one suggestion...if Gary comes back to life, he should probably have brown eyes. Keep up the good work!

  2. Thanks. P'raps Gary shall return, powered by the fumes of love.