Tuesday, November 15, 2011

On Neglecting Your Blog, and a Thanks to Readers

I have not paid due attention to Off to Jupiter lately.  Real Life has got me again. I've read everyone else's. (In fact, I've spent the last few hours delving through my Google Reader for the week and a half I was gone) But the only posts I've done lately are either PhotoShop Fridays or the occasional Poll Response. I'd like to start writing better posts, to start posting more often, and to follow through with promises. With that, 100 posts is coming fast, and there will be some sort of surprise for the readers. Thanks for staying faithful and for reading my little blog.


  1. Friends (and fans) wait patiently for pen of a great author....

  2. Thank you, kind sir, for both your compliments and your patience.

  3. Thanks! I'm looking forward to the landmark.