Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Moments in Gaming

-When a player role-played so well he got three mercenaries to work for him and provide him shelter, food, and equipment.

-When the Star Wars bounty hunter forced us to cut the adventure short because his quarry was dead after two well-placed blaster shots.

-When we tied the warrior to a ballista bolt and fired him at an enemy fortress.

-The battle between a band of mercs (above) and the Assassin's Guild after one player secretly tried to kill the other player. But the target had a team of warriors, and the attacker had around seven assassins.

-When the players assaulted an underground gnoll base and discovered that lit oil, does, in fact, burn things. However, when you light 6x6 underground passages on fire, it's hard to get out.

Just feeling a bit nostalgic today. Thinking about past adventures and looking forward to new ones.

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