Wednesday, December 28, 2011

We Played Warhammer

Space Marine Biker
Well, sorta. we played DIY Warhammer, which meant making up rules and printing out paper minis from not only Warhammer, but Warhammer 40,000 and Lord of the Rings.

The objective was to retrieve a sword on top of a hill and bring it back to our base. Our armies were directly across from each other. So I sent a Space Marine Biker to do a strafing run on the enemy frontlines and distract them enough to allow my Wargs to move toward the target.

Unfortunately, the Biker took two bolters and a burst of machine gun fire, taking him out quickly. So the Wargs sprinted across the battlefield, followed by Lord Ragnar Blackmane of 
the Space Wolves. Alas, even that did not work, as three Wargs were 
dead before they were even close to the hill. Meanwhile my opponent had
a small squad moving toward the objective. I focused fire on them, and Ragnar
got in a lucky shot. Combined with some crossbow fire from 
Empire troops, we took out an Ork.

My Imperial Guard Sentinel marched toward the opposing army, although not without being hit by a powerful ballista shot . My Centigor follows the remaining two Wargs. I wished to intercept the opposing team heading for the hill. I moved my heavy cannons and warmachines toward the enemy, prepared to ravage their forces. Yet the enemy had focused on ranged combat, and my army was pelted with bullets, bolts, arrows, and flame. 
So we lost. But it was fun, and therefore it was a 
Imperial Guard Sentinel
good experience.

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