Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A New System

I did it, I made the jump to Pathfinder. Although I love GURPS, recently it's become overcomplicated and honestly, not very fun. Combine that with the vast amount of 3.5e and Pathfinder resources, and it was an easy decision. I'm very excited to start a new campaign(we won't be transferring characters) and learn the new system. I also want to subscribe to Loviatar, and get me some Pathfinder zine action. The Core Rulebook will be arriving in "2-6 business days". The next step is to buy some new dice.


  1. I don't play GURPS much, but from what I did play (Discworld and Atomic Horror) it seemed to be as simple/complex as you make it. Is that not so?

    Then again, maybe you're just sick of it, heh.

    Pathfinder is too complex for my tastes... It certainly isn't 3.5 made easy, the online SRD already does that. BUT the setting is worth the crunch, so if you plan to play pre-written material, you're probably onto a winner with it

  2. Brendan-You're probably right, it's probably a bit of an overdose. I was also kind of OCD about following all the rules. Which, as we all know, can lead to GM-head-exploding-syndrome. About Pathfinder-You're right on the nose. I love the setting and I do plan to do more pre-written stuff than I had with GURPS. (which was none)