Friday, September 23, 2011

Pathfinder Sessions 1 & 2-9-10 and 9-23

We have only one player for our first couple sessions. One-on-one is a challenge, because one has to balance encounters for only one player. Our adventurer was Kenswyn the 1st-level Rogue. He made his way thorough a small dungeon and came up to the surface world-in the middle of the desert. Kenswyn spied a village in the distance (Sabiir-see last post) He marched toward it, the sun beating down upon him, when he heard a voice. Five men, armed with shamshirs and daggers, masked, stood before him. Kenswyn failed to understand what they wanted. (Language barrier) Blades were drawn. The rogue backflipped into the air and was promptly pulled down by the hand of a muscular bandit. He was shoved to the ground. His pockets were rifled through, his possessions scattered. He ran. Five-to-one. He met his end at the blade of a bandit. Wow. Not even two game sessions. I am quite the GM.

 A shamshir


  1. As long as the solitary player knew the risks and doesn't mind the loss, I think that serves as quite a prologue to the campaign. Like in a TV series where some poor unknown gets off'd before the credits, later on the real protagonist arrives.

  2. That could show the level of danger better than a dead NPC, Brendan. He knew the risks. The loss, he minded.

    I quote.
    "Arrr! Not even 2 games! I'm never playing Pathfinder again!"

    5 min. later

    "Let's go print up a new character sheet."

    Gotta love your players.