Friday, September 23, 2011

The People of Sabiir

Borrowing from Jeff's Gameblog, I've assigned actors(or just people from the Internets) to notable NPCs in my new campaign. Thanks also to Planet Algo's NPC trait tables and A Character for Every Game's Beggar Tables. The first overworld game will take place in the Sabiir settlement, deep in the arid deserts. Here are my notable NPCs. 

Ceigu the Elf will be Alex Pettyfer. Ceigu is a non-native hunter. He's a bit obsessive about maintaining equipment and does not react well to strangers. He's also quite greedy.
Ilyx is a desert native. He is a carpenter and is known for his gracious and compassionate nature. He often wears a bronze circlet.

Tieck, despite her looks, is actually a great companion. She is loyal, a respectable armorsmith, and her half-orc nature provides great ferocity in battle.
Krazid is a 57-year old gnome beggar. He constantly wears a metal skullcap and has disheveled hair and clothing. He often wears a cowl and veil. Lacking teeth, he often scuttles through the gutter, grabbing and eating insects.

Pixid, aka Julie Andrews, is a halfling sculptor. Her grandmotherly nature is only offset by her jealousy of other sculptors.

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