Saturday, August 6, 2011

The Alien Invaders Have Arrived!

Here are stats for an alien trooper in my new campaign. The Valis have an average ST of 18 and an average HT of 16-other stats are equal to humans.

Valis Soldier
ST-20[+20] HP-20
DX-12[+40] WILL-13
IQ-13[+60] PER-13
HT-18[+20] FP-18
Basic Lift 80 Damage: thr 2d-1/sw 3d+2
Basic Speed 7.5 Basic Move 7.5
Dodge 10 DR 1 SM +1


Advantages and Perks
Acute Hearing 10 [20], Ambidexterity [5], Claws (Sharp) [5], Constriction Attack [15], DR 1 [5] Innate Attack (Thrown Plasma Bolt) 5d burn Range 40 ft, Armor Divisor 2, Cyclic (1 sec), Explosion, Inaccurate 1

Disadvantages and Quirks
Disturbing Voice [10], Frightens Animals [10], Monstrous [20]

Artllery (Guided Missile) 15, Beam Weapons (Pistol) 15, Beam Weapons (Rifle) 16, Spacer 14, Comm Operation 14, Sensor Operation 14, Explosives (Demolition) 14, Gunner (Machine Gun) 14, Gunner (Cannon) 15, Gunner (Beam) 15, Innate Attack (Plasma Bolt) 16, Liquid Projector (Flamethrower) 13, Melee Weapon (Knife) 14, Navigation (Space), Piloting (High-Performance Spacecraft) 14, Piloting (LIght Airplane) 15, Soldier 15

Plasma Grenades (3) 6dx4 burn ex-Weight 1-Fuse 2
Laser Rifle 5d(2) burn-Acc 12+2-Range 700/2,100-Weight 10/neg.-RoF 10-Shots 150(3)
Under-Barrel Grenade Launcher-4d(10) cr ex [2d]-Acc +2-Range 150/440-Weight 3.5-RoF 1-Shots 1(2)
Blaster Pistol-3d(5) burn-Acc+5-Range 300/900-Weight 1/neg.-RoF 3-Shots 200(3)
Assault Boots-feet-DR 12/6-Weight 3
Ballistic Vest-torso-8/2-400cc-Weight 2
Shoulder Strap
Belt Holster
Blastgas Cartridge-Weight neg.-Shots 200
Solar Battery-Weight neg.-Shots 150
Concussion Grenades(3) 6d cr ex-Weight 1-Fuse 4


  1. Those soldiers look like pretty tough hombres.

  2. Yeah, my players will start off with T-shirts and kitchen knives.