Sunday, August 28, 2011

Spec Ops Mission 8-28-11

Most of the game took place right here, in the alleyway.
Thanks, Google Maps!

So yesterday was the kickoff of our new Special Ops campaign. The players were independent agents that were hired (under the radar) by a higher-up in the army, who knew one of the players from his history with the Green Berets.

WARNING! Cliche plot ahead!

The team was to capture a shady arms dealer who was in Madrid currently. What followed would be described as a disaster in the real world, but as awesome in a game.  Madrid's citizenry seeing gunfire and subsequently running and screaming until the police were alerted. The police then chasing the agents. The agents chasing Ian Riage (the arms dealer) and his guards. The guards trying desperately to escape, hindered by the fact that Madrid streets are small, their car was hitting 120 mph, and that Riage was gravely injured. Mayhem. But extremely fun mayhem.

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