Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Poll Response 3

OSR severely beat "New-School" gaming, 10 to 1 in our latest poll. I know now my audience. However, I have been thinking of doing more dungeon crawling in my existing fantasy campaign, so maybe that'll be OSR-like enough.


  1. Old School takes the
    win. Good deal. As
    for what you should
    add to your blog ...
    I say forget the pole
    and post what makes
    YOU happy.

  2. You're right, Whisk-The poll shall not influence-I must stand resolute against converting to old-school games! Stand strong with my copy of GURPS 4th ed, fighting off the hordes of monsters, progressing through the Dungeon of Gaming with my New-School Allies! (Or you know, something like that)

  3. You fight off those
    Old School monsters,
    gosh darn it.

    And really, even
    though it's Old
    School here, that
    doesn't matter.

    Just gaming is the
    fun. Whatever

    Happy Gaming.