Tuesday, August 2, 2011

New Campaign

So I'm thinking about a new GURPS campaign. I was watching a teaser for the new Falling Skies show on TNT, and I like the premise of guerrilla warfare against a technologically superior alien race. And of course I thought about that type of story in an RPG. I could pick up GURPS Ultra-Tech for the aliens' equipment. However, one thing holding me back from a modern campaign is the matter of transportation and the huge amount of available places to go (the entire world) The maps would need either to be immense in size or I would need to somehow limit the players' transportation. And then an epiphany was had. Google Maps! Maps for the entire world! In addition, there is Street View, so players can see exactly what the GM describes. So I'll continue my current campaign, but hopefully I can either gain some new players or clear it with my current ones.

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