Thursday, August 4, 2011

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy 14-Psi Released!

Steve Jackson Games has released a new Dungeon Fantasy supplement, Psi.
Unlike Loadouts, this actually looks pretty cool!

The site says...

When you're roaming through a dungeon and you meet something elemental, transcendental, or hell-bental on destruction . . . it's time to get mental!

The PDF features 24 new psi abilities, a new profession (mentalist), mental power-ups (whatever those are), mind-powered monsters, and gear especially for psi characters. I won't buy it, but I think it looks alright.


  1. I've got many of these Dungeon Fantasy and I think they started out in the right direction, but now they seem to be just doing templates.

  2. Yeah...I'd like to see a DF book of overland maps ( the tavern/village the characters return to after a dungeon crawl )