Thursday, July 21, 2011

Aikest, The Spear Of Thunder

Aikest was first forged by the smith Voim in the Northern Waste, a tundra lacking life. His isolation as he built the weapon caused Voim to be driven mad. Once the spear was finished, he took it in his hand and was corrupted by its power. The smith marched to the city of Jutenedus. Voim brandished Aikest with the fury of a madman. The city was decimated that day by the power of the magical spear. Once news reached the Dwarven king, Fulgar Bronzeblade, an alliance was formed. The Dwarves' strongest warriors joined forces with the best troops the Elves could offer. Together they marched on Jutenedus. The force, ten thousand warriors strong, attacked one man.  Yet the power of the spear had grown, and the army was almost destroyed. One elf had been spared. In Voim's madness, he lost much of his rationality. He left the elf to die, and marched toward the next city. The elven warrior recognized his chance. He fired a single arrow, and Voim was no more. The elf came closer and gazed upon the beautiful weapon. He grasped it, and another slave was claimed by Aikest, The Spear Of Thunder.

Aikest, The Spear Of Thunder
                 thr + 8 imp, Reach 2, Parry +1, Weight 8, ST 11, Thunderclap!-After a successful attack, roll 
two hands thr+10imp
a d6. On a roll of 1, 3, or 6, there is a shockwave that envelops 1000 ft around the "user." Damage 5d

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