Saturday, July 2, 2011

GURPS Session-July 2 '11

NOTES: Characters are given classes only for identification-they have no function in-game. Also, NPCs have no point value, because they have no skills. However, there is no default penalty for skills( at GM's discretion)
Canin-Human Fighter-218 pts
(I have quite the small group)

NPCs allied with the characters
Smith-Dwarf Warrior
Frederick-Human Archer
Bo'ul-Human Fighter

Canin was recruited by the above mercenaries to assist in a assault on Castle Chepstow, an abandoned fortress. Orcish warriors serving the orc warlord Garnak had overtaken the castle, and the characters were to "clear it out." The adventure progressed mainly by moving through the castle and systematically eradicating the orcs(and occasional ogre) inside. Frederick mainly stood back and provided "cover fire." Smith charged each enemy, and was responsible for many of the finishing blows with his double-bladed battleaxe. Bo'ul acrobatically dispatched Garnak's troops with his spear and martial-arts skills, and Canin used his Flying Leap skill to powerfully attack orcs. However, Smith was overpowered and never missed, and Canin's leaps were oft without consequence.  The session itself lasted about forty-five minutes, and although lacking in variety, seemed to be exciting for the players and was useful for improving combat GM'ing skills.

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