Monday, July 25, 2011

GURPS Session July 24 '11


Frederick the Archer
Smith the Dwarven Warrior
Corean the Swordsman
Canin the Protector
Bo'ul the Martial Artist

So, last night was a game night. The band of mercenaries were drafted into service by the government of Eadoria, the city-state the characters reside in (Drafted is the preferred term, forced into service is more accurate) The anarchist group known as the Militia had overtaken an abandoned Eadorian fortress atop a mountain far from the city. The Eadorian army couldn't make it up the mountain without being cut down by Militia forces. However, the characters specialize in the impossible. They ended up tying Canin to a ballista bolt and firing at the fortress. Once Canin took out some of the catapults that stopped Eadorian troops from assaulting the Militia, he signaled for the rest of the mercenaries and a small Eadorian strike force to attack the fortress. The mission was successful, and because of its exceptionally difficult nature, the characters were handsomely rewarded.

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