Monday, July 4, 2011

GURPS Session July 4 '11

NOTES: Characters are given classes only for identification-they have no function in-game. Also, NPCs have no point value, because they have no skills. However, there is no default penalty for skills( at GM's discretion)
Canin-Human Fighter-218 pts
(I still have quite the small group)

NPCs allied with the characters
Smith-Dwarf Warrior
Frederick-Human Archer
Bo'ul-Human Fighter

Canin and his band of mercs were alerted to a group of assassins targeting him. Frederick took the group to his cabin in the Ringwood Hills. However, crossing Moaf River, they were apprehended by a young cobalt dragon. After its defeat, it was skinned for Canin's use. Once they made it to the cabin, Canin made gloves out of the dragonskin for Frederick. The group then heard screams close to the cabin. Shepherds and their herds were being attacked by a group of Jackalmen( men with the head of a jackal) and Crocodilians( Crocodiles that can move on two legs) The party fought off the beasts, though Frederick suffered a grave wound. Canin returned to the cabin and spent the rest of the day building a crocodile-skin helmet and dragonskin greaves. The player stated that this was one of his favorite sessions yet, so GM'ing win today.

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