Saturday, July 30, 2011

GURPS Session July 30 '11


Canin the Protector
Frederick the Archer
Smith the Dwarven Warrior
Bo'ul the Martial Artist
Corean the Swordsman

Since I finished Eadoria yesterday, I let the players loose in the city. It's been fully explored, and actually worked well in the game. Most of the sesssion was spent shopping, talking to NPC's (quite a lot of roleplaying-I think I ran out of accents) and harassing the city guards. Around the end of the game, the characters split up. While Canin was walking down the street, he saw a thief sprint out of a tailor's shop. Of course, being the Boy Scout he is, he ran after the thief. What followed was an extremely cool and unplanned parkour chase across the Eadorian rooftops. The thief eventually slipped and hung from the edge of a building. Before Canin could catch up, he fell to the alleyway below. The city checks weapons when non-citizens enter and returns them the next day, so Canin was unarmed. However, he has Judo skill. A few throws later, the thief was unconscious, the city guards were rushing in, and the tailor was enthusiastically thanking Canin. So, good session, but I think next time I'll have an adventure ready in addition to the normal city activities, so I can begin that once Eadoria starts to lose its luster.

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