Thursday, July 7, 2011

Deadshot Review-DC Universe Classics Wave 9

To escape the memories of a family altercation that left his father paralyzed and his brother dead, Floyd Lawton moved to Gotham City where he began his career as a criminal. In the process he trained himself to become a highly skilled marksman and adopted the name Deadshot. During one of his many stays in prison, Lawton was offered amnesty for past offenses if he would accept a potentially fatal mission on behalf of the U.S. government as a member of the Suicide Squad. Since then, Lawton has worked both on his own as a criminal, and occasionally as a member of the Squad.


Deadshot's sculpt is amazing.  The Four Horsemen have once again made his head look like a masked person rather than someone with no face. His wrist-mounted guns are entirely sculpted, with holes in the barrels and separate cartridges. His belt, emblem, boots,and eyepiece are all sculpted pieces.  Therefore, his head, torso, gauntlets, belt, calves, feet, and biceps are all new, a rarity for a DCUC figure. But the little details really make this figure stand out. Raised edges on the costume's piping, a fully sculpted target on the eyepiece, little details add to the figure's quality.  5/5


This is where the figure suffers a loss. The colors look good and the red is not too "toylike".  The orange wash is nice on the gloves and boots. The high point, the guns, have a black wash that gives the metal texture, and the scopes are painted. However, there is a huge silvery scratch on Deadshot's right shoulder. The gold on his biceps bleed over onto the red. There is a yellow dot in the target that doesn't really show up well in the photos, but it still affects the paint quality. The black stripes on the torso look almost cartoony, and the segmented armor would be better represented with a sculpted element.  3/5


Deadshot features the standard DC Universe Classics articulation-which is excellent. Ball-jointed head, swivel-hinge shoulders, swivel biceps, ab crunch, swivel waist, h-hips, swivel thighs, single-hinge knees,    and rocker ankles. The head only swivels, but it is a small fault in the grand scheme of the figure.  5/5


Deadshot's only accessory is Chemo's right arm. It looks great. It's translucent and filled with air bubbles. The armor is well sculpted and painted perfectly. The cord attached to the gauntlet does not plug in on the arm, rather, it attaches to Chemo's back. Chemo's arm  has a swivel-hinge shoulder, swivel-hinge elbow, and swivel-hinge wrist, which is a nice addition to the normal articulation. 5/5

Overall, Deadshot is a great figure, marred only by a few paint issues.

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